Our customers look for a range of culinary experiences so we welcome chefs at all levels, whether self-taught, culinary academy-educated or working professionals. As culinary professionals we expect you to comply with these industry-regulated hygiene standards: we recommend either Food Hygiene Training or HACCP Training from food-hygiene-certificate.co.uk.
Please ensure your appearance reflects high hygiene standards, with hair pinned back, impeccably clean hands and nails (preferably unvarnished), no jewellery and minimal make-up. We expect rigorous hand-washing, use of gloves where appropriate and immaculate chef’s whites/jackets or aprons.
To become a The DiningClub Chef, you’ll also need:
* To be aged over 18
* To have no unspent criminal convictions
* A smartphone – iPhone (iOS 10 and above) or Android (5 and above)

No, however you need to be personal, friendly & confident as this is client facing work and you will be meeting Foodies that will be intrigued to see what you are creating and how you do it, so we expect you to be able to polite and conversable. Even if you’re not a professional, we still want to hear from you. If you have outstanding skills and a passion for food and enjoy making people happy through your cuisine, we want to have you as part of our family. Foodies look for a range of culinary experiences so we welcome chefs at all levels, whether self-taught, culinary academy-educated or working professionals.

Please visit the Chef Section we will explain all the benefits!

Just register your interest online via this link Chef Sign Up – We’re initially launching in London for now, so you’ll have to live in the area or be willing to commute Upload your CV, a sample menu and a short video where you show us how you cook We’ll email you with the next steps.

You’re your own boss. No one tells you how many hours to work and when. It is completely up to you. You will be able to choose when to work by giving your availability via the in-app calendar and you will appear in the foodies’ research depending on the dates they select. Of course, the greater your availability, the more likely you are to receive bookings, the more money you make, hence we encourage you to be active on the app as much as possible.

We will never ask you to do that. The DiningClub fits to your lifestyle and can be combined with your day job. It’s entirely up to you when to work, therefore you could show your availability on the app when you’re free or when it suits you best.
You are expected to present the food at the table and to clean the foodies’ kitchen surfaces, equipment and utensils that you have used. You’re not required to wash dishes before leaving. The kitchen should be left in the state in which you found it. To avoid any disagreements about the state of cleanliness, you are required to take pictures of the dishes prepared and the dish layout. This is for your protection in case of any complaints. It may be worth taking a photo of the kitchen and equipment before using and after you have cleaned them, so you have proof.
No. Foodies are required to provide all equipment, serving dishes and tableware. However you may need additional utensils in order to be able to prepare your meal. We advise you to always double-check exactly what tools/items the customer can provide within their kitchen at the time of booking (you’ll be able to check that directly from the app). If they are missing something you can provide these items yourself, however you will have to cover transportation.
We ask everyone who uses The DiningClub for a few pieces of information before they can proceed to booking a meal with us. Foodies are required to fill out information before they can make a reservation request. This info helps make sure you know exactly what and who to expect, and how to contact them. Some requirements for foodies include: • Full name • Email address • Confirmed phone number • Kitchen space • kitchen utensils and specifications. Guests are expected, but not required, to have a profile picture.
Once a booking is confirmed, you will be able to chat with the Foodie via in-app live chat.
Foodies will have the opportunity to get in touch should they have specific dietary requirements and let you know if anyone in their party has any specific needs. If you don’t hear from them, we encourage you to get in touch with the foodie before you do your shopping.
That’s up to you, but we suggest you prepare whatever you can before arriving at the Foodie’s venue, this will make your life easier. Plan your timetable well in advance so that you’re on top of your timings, from arriving at the venue to serving the dishes.
You want to be able to offer the best experience possible, so that foodies will leave a good review and potentially book you again. How long in advance to leave the party is up to your judgement, however we suggest you stay until you’ve served the last course and you are sure foodies don’t need anything else. Therefore, once you have served the last dishes you may begin cleaning up. As soon as everything is pristine you may discreetly indicate to the foodie that you are finished and may leave.
The price you charge for your menus is completely up to you. To help you decide, you can search for comparable menus by other chefs in the app or contact customer service to get an idea of market prices.
We can help you. A well-curated feed will be the key to your success. We partner up with professional photographers, so please get in touch with us to enquire.

That’s up to you! You can agree to as many or as few diners as you like, depending on how confident you feel. Prices are calculated on a per head basis, and you can set minimum and maximum numbers of diners for your set of menus.

The complaint will have to go through our customer service either via in-app chat or email support@TheDiningClub.app We will aim at resolving any dispute that might arise between chefs and foodies within 24 hours. Please remember: the kitchen should be left in the state in which you found it, however you’re not required to wash dishes before leaving. To avoid any disagreements about the state of cleanliness, you are required to take pictures of the dishes prepared and the dish layout. This is for your protection in case of any complaints. It may be worth taking a photo of the kitchen and equipment before using and after you have cleaned them, so you have proof

Yes, of course. They will be able to review you, but you’ll also be able to leave your review. Honest feedback helps ensure that everyone is accountable for their behavior and for the service offered. This accountability creates a respectful, safe environment for both chefs and foodies.

If a Foodie cancels, they’re automatically refunded according to the cancellation policy, unless the cancellation qualifies as an extenuating circumstance (please refer to our Extenuating Circumstance Policy). If Foodies cancel their reservation, we’ll notify you and automatically unblock the dates on your calendar so that you can get booked by other foodies.
The DiningClub only allows for a Flexible Cancellation Policy for now. We’re working on giving you the opportunity to decide what cancellation policy to apply to Foodies, please bear with us. Flexible: For a full refund of booking fees, Foodies must cancel full 3 days prior to booking time. In this case the Chefs won’t receive any payment for the cancelled booking. However, If the foodie cancels less than 3 days prior to the booking, the booking will considered non-refundable and the Chef will get the full fee (minus The DiningClub fees). For more details, please review our Cancellation Policy. Flexible policy, in particular for Chefs who are just starting out, as more flexible terms will help attract Foodies and in turn receive more bookings. At the beginning stage of your The DiningClub business, getting bookings is of the highest importance. A flexible policy promotes bookings as Foodies know that they can cancel for a small fee or no fee. Perks of a flexible cancellation policy: – More bookings – More foodie interest – Build your profile with more reviews and more stars Research shows that Foodies prefer flexible cancellation policy, and this can help Chefs get more bookings.

Instant Booking doesn’t require approval from chefs before they can be booked.
If you have Instant Booking on, it will apply to all available dates on your calendar. Foodies will be able to automatically book with you.

The benefits of Instant Booking include:
– Convenience: get booked without having to respond to each request.
– More foodie interest: foodies can use filters to search for menus that can be booked instantly.
– Search placement: Instant Booking positively affects your response rate for your listing, which can improve your placement in the search results.
You can turn on or off Instant Bookings at any time: go to Your Profile > Booking settings. To turn Instant Booking on, select foodies who meet all your requirements can book without requesting approval. To turn Instant Book off, select All foodies must send reservation requests.
Instant booking will automatically be turned off if Foodies try to make a booking less than 24 hours prior to the date selected.

It depends on the type of booking you choose: it can be either instant booking (which won’t require confirmation from you) or by acceptance of the booking itself (in which case you have 24 hours to confirm, otherwise the booking is to be considered not accepted).
Signing up to become a The DiningClub chef is completely free. Once you receive a reservation, we charge a flat fee of 15% to help cover the cost of running of the business. Therefore you will be paid the total price minus an 15% commission, so 85% of the total price. Thanks to its intuitive dashboard, you’ll be able to check how much you’re making and what’s your best-selling menu, so you can always be up to speed with your earnings.
You will be paid weekly by bank transfer into your UK bank account.

All our chefs are self-employed.  You will be responsible for handling your own tax.

You are responsible for handling your own VAT return,  if applicable.

Please check our Referral Policy for more info.

Search on the app in the More Section > Invite

All Referred Chef must be new, first time Chefs on the app. No payment will be made for listings created by current or former Chefs. Please check Referral Policy for more info.
If none of the above answers your question, please get in touch. For any concern, you can chat with us via the in-app live chat or via email at support@TheDiningClub.app You still need a tip? We can advice on ingredient sourcing, menu pricing, food styling and photography, including updates on seasonal trends and promotions through our newsletters.


For media enquiries please contact us at: media@thediningclub.app

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