Last Updated: March 2019


The DiningClub allows a Flexible, standardised cancellation policy that we will enforce to protect both Foodies and Chefs alike. Each menu and reservation on our app will clearly state the cancellation policy. Foodies may cancel and review any penalties by viewing their upcoming booking(s) and then clicking ‘Cancel’ on the appropriate reservation. A reservation is officially cancelled when the Foodie clicks the cancellation button on the cancellation confirmation section in the app, which they can be found in Bookings > Your Booking > Cancel. Flexible: Full refund within a limited period For a full refund of booking fees, cancellation must be made a full 3 days prior to booking time. If the foodie cancels less than 3 days prior, the booking is non-refundable. If booking is made 3 days or less prior the date of service, strict cancellation policy will apply, therefore it will have to be considered non-refundable. Total amount (the dining club fees + chef service fees) may be available for refund in certain circumstances as outlined below:
  • If there is a complaint from either party, notice must be given to The DiningClub within 24 hours of the completed service.The DiningClub will mediate when necessary, and has the final say in all disputes.
  • Also please check our Extenuating Circumstances Policy below.


Because cancellations disrupt foodies’ plans and impact confidence in The DiningClub community, the following penalties will be applied for Chef cancellations. We may waive the cancellation fee, depending on how many times you’ve already cancelled. After that, the following fee will be deducted from your next payout after a cancellation. The amount deducted will depend on when you accepted the booking and how soon before the date of the booking you cancelled:
  • More than 7 days before the day of the booking, we’ll deduct £50 from your next payout
  • Less than 7 days before the day of the booking, we’ll deduct £100 from your next payout
  • Less than 24 hours before the day of the booking, we’ll deduct £150 from your next payout.
Your calendar will stay blocked and you won’t be able to accept another reservation for the same dates of the cancelled booking. If you cancel 3 or more reservations within a year, we may deactivate your profile. Unless there are extenuating circumstances (see Extenuating Circumstances Policy below), there will be no exceptions to our updated cancellation policy.

Instant Booking

Instant Booking Chefs are not allowed to reject instant bookings once they’ve been booked. As per Chef’s Cancellation Policy above, they can cancel 3 times in one year —after that, we may deactivate their profile. If Chefs cancel a larger number of instant bookings, they may be required to turn off Instant Booking. Remember, Chefs can’t cancel for any reason that violates The DiningClub Community Guidelines


We may be able to give Chefs and/or Foodies a refund or waive the penalties if they cancel due to an unexpected circumstance that’s out of their control. Below is a list of circumstances covered by our Extenuating Circumstances Policy. Before you cancel, check that your circumstance is included in the list below and that you can provide the required documentation.

Circumstances that require documentation for both Chefs and Foodies

Death of a Chef, foodie, or their immediate family member. You’ll be asked to provide one of these documents:
  • Death certificate
  • Obituary
  • News article naming the deceased
Serious illness of a chef, foodie, or any member of the party. You’ll be asked to provide a general statement from a physician confirming that the person can’t make the booking. The statement must be dated after the booking was made. Government-mandated obligations including jury duty, travel restrictions, court appearances, and military deployment. You’ll be asked to provide a copy of the official notice dated after the reservation was booked, including the name of the person fulfilling the obligation. Severe damage to the home that makes it unsafe to host guests, or that prevents guests from accessing basic amenities like running water. This doesn’t include planned renovations. You’ll be asked to provide all of the following documents:
  • Proof that the issue is being fixed
  • An estimate of when it will be fixed
  • An invoice for the repairs being done
  • Photos of the damage
Road closures that make it impossible to travel to your destination. This includes closures caused by natural disasters like earthquakes or severe storms. You’ll be asked to provide a notice of the road closure, or notice of the airport closure.

Circumstances that require special review

There’s no required documentation for these circumstances, but our specialised team will review each case to confirm that you’re directly affected. Severe security advisories for political or civil unrest in the area where the host’s home is located in. Examples include:
  • Violence
  • Increased military presence
  • Severe damage to the area’s infrastructure
Natural disasters that prevent the Chef from travelling to or from the destination, or that make it unsafe for Foodies to host guests. Examples include:
  • Severe storms
  • Earthquakes
  • Flooding
  • Tornados
  • Tsunamis
  • Wildfires
  • Blizzards or severe winter storms
Endemic disease or illness that suddenly affects a region or an entire group of people. This doesn’t include existing diseases that are associated with an area—for example, malaria in Thailand or dengue fever in Hawaii. Examples of endemic disease include:
  • Ebola
  • Zika
  • Chagas disease

What to do next

If you’ve confirmed your circumstance meets the requirements above, first cancel your reservation and then contact us via email at to file a claim. We’ll walk you through the next steps, which will include submitting any required documentation and waiting for our team to review your case. Claims must be submitted within 14 days of the extenuating circumstance.
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